Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Restrepo" - A Look Into War

"Restrepo" is a movie that just came out. Already, it has won the 2010 Sundance Documentary Award, has recieved four stars, and after hearing a critics report of movie - its suppose to be eye opening and the best war/military movie out there.

"Restrepo" is based on one platoon that is deployed in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley (which is considered one of the most dangerous posting places). There are no interviews, no scripts. This movie is raw video of what the platoon faced during their year long deployment.

I want to see this movie, but I'm terrified to. I know I will see things that my Marine may go through and face, but personally, I'm not sure I want to see those things. I think I need to though. I think it would help me relate. I'm glad that in the past year people have taken the opportunity to come out with documentaries and movies like, "The Hurt Locker", "Brothers at War", and now "Restrepo". People need to know what troops are experiencing. They need their eyes opened, because I think too many people have no idea.

It amazes me when I talk to people who find out I'm with a Marine what little they know. I don't expect people to know what acronyms mean or even the order of command, but I think it is important that people educate themselves about the war. I get questions all the time of people asking why we're over there and why we haven't nuked the place yet. I'm not in charge of the war first of all, but to nuke a place because only 10% of the people over there are "bad guys" is not a good enough reason in my book. It just drives me nuts.

I want to ask you though... are you planning on seeing this movie?

Watch the trailer below::

If you have seen the movie already - did you like it and would you recommend it to others?


Neidy said...

I actually got to see a bit of it since I'm a film major at school (right by sundance), it was really emotionally overwhelming.

Documentary-wise, it's an incredible film! However, if you're like me...I wouldn't see it. It's very personal.

Katelyn.Christine said...

If I do watch it, it'll be by myself. I know for a fact Jon would never want to watch it. It would probably give him nightmares if he did.

Charity said...

Wow... I want to watch it but like Katelyn says it will be by myself. Although I think my husband would like to see it as well. He hasn't been deployed, yet.

K said...

I cant see the trailer but it sounds interesting. Im glad to hear of a movie that was made so raw and true. I agree with you that its amazing how many people have NO CLUE whats going on over there. At a funeral I attended for one of my husbands fellow marines, one of the family members mentioned that upon learning of this marines death people actually asked "oh people are actually dying in this war?" I was completely in shock at this!

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