Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some Lucky Lady Got a Raise... :)

Yup, that's right! The highlight of my day today was getting a raise at work! I needed it badly. I was shaking as I told my manager why I thought I deserved one - made me feel like I was the most vain person in the world. I guess that's just what you have to do though if you want something. Yay me!

Mister and I are planning on having a date night this weekend. I'm so excited! We haven't had one since before I left on vacation so we need it. He has to pick the movie [I'm horrible with picking: my excuse, "Babe, I don't know what movies you have!"] and I'm going to just show up on Skype with Taco Bell, popcorn, and candy. I think I have quite the task ahead of me :) I'll manage soooomehow hehe.

This past week my mom and I have been going out on a bike ride everyday. I feel like I'm five years old every time I get on a bicycle. It's weird. Besides, while out today, someone honked at us. Awkward! I just need to get over myself and not worry about what other people think. In my neighborhood, a couple of people on bicycles is not something you see everyday, which when you think about it is quite sad.

I'm really happy we're doing it though. It's a great workout and it makes me go to bed earlier since I'm wiped out from it. I'm hoping to find a widget that keeps track of miles you bike. If you know of one - let me know!!

I'm off to Sleepy Land. Work kicked my butt today. Good night Bloggy Land.


Anonymous said...

YAY for a raise! You deserve it!

Whitney said...

Congrats on the raise!!

You're welcome about me posting about the blog book. I had wanted just to make it our first year of dating. I was so excited when it was delivered. I just had to look it. It was such high quality. It looks even better in person.

Ruth said...

yay!!! congratulations on the raise you totally deserve it. Have a blessed weekend!!


Maranda said...

Congratulations on the raise! Good for you for taking the plunge and asking for one!

I don't know of a widget or anything for that...sorry.

KelseyC said...

Good luck with the date! Skype + Taco Bell = one amazing night in my opinion, lol.

And congrats on your raise!

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