Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sponsor A Troop!

I was wondering if anyone has ever (or are currently) sponsoring or have adopted a troop that's overseas? A long time ago I had posted an organization that lets you adopt at hero, but never got around to doing it. So like me... ugh. This time around though, I'm actually doing it! I'm excited and figure it's my way of helping someone's deployment go hopefully a little bit better.

The truth is... I've been thinking about doing this ever since my friend (who I look to as a brother) was sent overseas a few years ago. He doesn't have much for family and I know that never once did they send him a letter or package. I don't believe many of his other friends sent him much either besides my family and I. It makes me think about how many men and women are overseas that get nothing. How incredibly sad is that... for someone to go to a war zone and not be sent any "I miss you's" or "I love you's." Obviously I'm not going to be saying those things to my sponsored troop, but I think by writing them a letter and sending them little things will show that someone is thinking of them. Someone cares. Someone wants them to come home safe. I would personally want someone to write me, even if it meant that someone was a complete stranger. With how things are in Afghanistan and the rise in deaths (Lord keep our men safe!) I think it's important that we support our troops more than ever and are doing what we can to help their morale.

So my question is...
do you sponsor/adopt a troop?
If so, what program do you go through?
If not, what are you waiting for?

Happy One Year, Love!

I’ve been trying to sit down and write this post for the past week, but with how busy I’ve been lately I haven’t had the time to sit down and really write what I want – until now of course.

On August 23rd it was officially Mister and I’s one year together. I never imagined on day one all that we would go through, but here we are: still together, still going strong, and still so in love. Who knew that a simple picture posted on Facebook would lead to a year of laughs, love, and dedication to one another.

When my Marine and I first started dating I had no idea that we’d be going this long without seeing each other. We’ve been in this relationship for one year, but have only spent 17 days actually together. The distance has tested our hearts on many occasions, but is also the reason him and I have an undeniable bond. I swear, we know each other better than we know ourselves.

He is my best friend and accepts me for who I am, my rock for when I need help to get through something, and my love for the comfort he brings me even thousands of miles away. I’m excited to know that soon everything we have planned together will soon become a reality.

I love you Babers and I can’t wait to be back in your arms again soon! Happy one year!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Stories + Something Beautiful

It looks as though I will be doing two features on Sundays from now on. I have my usual Beautiful Moments where I talk about something that I'm thankful for in the last week and now I'm going to start Sunday Stories which The Annoyed Army Wife came up with. Make sure you go check her out - she's awesome! You can start doing Sunday Stories and tag along at her blog - do it - I know you want to :)

Where to start...

How about the beginning? Can I just warn you that this may sound absolutely cheesy and that as weeks go on, IT WILL GET BETTER - at least I think so! :)

It was about three years ago when I was at a time in my life that all I wanted was someone to talk to. I wasn't looking for a relationship or someone to date. I just wanted a good conversation and some company. I have always been a big talker and a deep thinker.

One day I signed on to Facebook and noticed a message from some cute guy. I didn't know who he was, but I did notice he had some mutual friends (oh how silly this makes me feel as I type this!).  He asked if it was ok if we got to know each other and I said that was fine, but deep down I was hesitant. Who is this guy? Why does he want to talk to me?

We got to talking and some how along the way going ice skating was brought up. We talked about going, but my hesitance of meeting up with someone I didn't even know kept me back. Besides, I had never skated before and the last thing I needed was to make myself look like a complete fool, especially infront of a cute guy.

This is where things get fuzzy... if you talk to me, I'll tell you that we stopped talking because we simply just lost touch. If you talk to Mister, he'll tell you that we stopped talking because he told me that he was a Marine. I can't imagine myself turning down a cute guy in a uniform, but Mister insists that's what happened.

To find out how things went from us losing touch to us now talking about marriage, stay tuned for Sunday Stories next week! :)

And now... this weeks Beautiful Moment!
If you didn't know - my brother ended up moving a couple weeks to Oklahoma. It was incredibly hard for me to say, "See you later," to him. He moved down there with no job which was something that we all were worried about, but left in God's hands. I'm happy to say that this week he was offered a job and gladly accepted it! It's nothing much, but he is getting some source of income and is meeting a lot of new people. I'm so proud of him and so happy that things are falling into place. He deserves it! 

Beautiful moment: Wonderful things happening for my brother!


I know that I had this whole workout routine planned, but I have to postpone it for the time being. You may remember me hurting my neck with my new workout video. Well, it's still hurting and now I'm scared that by starting the video again, that it will just worsen.

In the last couple of days, I learned that maybe I need to focus on building strength in my neck before moving to my butt. What's more important - having a neck that will hold my head up or a butt that looks fabulous. I would much rather say a butt that looks fabulous, but the reality of it is that I need to take care of neck so that I can prevent future injuries.

So as of now... Brazil Butt Lift is postponed. Note: I did not say cancelled. I want to complete my thirty days before Mister comes home so I have about fifty to get my neck into shape. I think I can do that :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Yearly Check Up From Hell!

Note: This may pop images into your head and I'm sorry if that happens. Also, this post contains probably waay too much information that you ever wanted to know. Don't say I didn't warn you!

A couple of days ago I went in for my yearly check up. I was a little nervous, but I've had one done before, so I wasn't all that worried. They suck, but its only a couple of minutes and then life moves on. Well I get there, I am asked a few questions and then I am asked if a new assistant could be present for my exam. I really wasn't all thrilled about it, but I said sure - thinking what's one more person right?

Well both the doctor and assistant come in and both ladies are super nice. We're talking about birth control types and when that talk is all done they tell me to lay back for the breast exam. That was fine. Awkward, but fine. Then, things started getting bad...

The assistant inserts the metal peice (sorry if image pops in your head - it sure just happened to me!). Horrible pain begins, face scrunched - what is she doing to me!?!?! She must have inserted it at the wrong angle because wow did it hurt.

Then they start pooking around. Now, here I was thinking the assistant was just going to watch so the fact that she inserted the peice in me was a little odd. Oh no! Was I wrong - what ever the doctor did to me, the assistant repeated. I was double examined! Not to mention Mister has been away for 9 months now and that means no action for this girl and before he was home it had been almost a year... do you get the point that I'm trying to make without being disgusting?! One word: ow.

After the pap smear the doctor tells me, "You might feel a little pressure..." You consider that to be a little bit of pressure? I let out a yelp and my leg twitched and I closed my eyes real tight as she pooked around at some things. What the heck were these ladies doing to me!? My first exam was never that bad and it never hurt that much. I can honestly say that I will ever go back to her ever again and that my poor va-jay-jay was abused that day.

Long story short - my exam was painful, embarrassing, and done not once, but twice. Thank goodness it is over with!

What About Meeee?!

I have successfully completed the first week of school (reason my blogging has lacked any new posts)! My classes are hard this semester; two of them are at least. It's really exciting (majorly exaggerating) when your professor tells you that 42% of students in his class will either fail the class or dropout. Now that's a great way to start the semester (again, exaggerating!).

I realized something though, while introducing myself to the people in all of my classes, it looked a lot like this...
"Hi, my name is ______. I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine. He is based in Japan, but will soon be coming home. We're planning on getting engaged shortly after he comes home. And ya!"
I saw this pattern today and I asked myself this question: what happens when Mister is no longer a Marine? What do I say about myself then? I feel like I almost expressed who I am through my Marine and honestly I don't like that. I'm more than just a Marine's girlfriend.

If I had my way to introduce myself to every one again it would look a lot more like this...
"Hi, my name is ______. I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine. I love to cook and blog. I plan on either majoring in business or journalism. I love to workout and I'm obsessed with motorcycles and tattoos."
I understand that when you have a family, they become a part of your life and I'm so very happy that Mister is a very special part of my life - but I am also my own person - I guess this is where my independence starts to shine through. I don't need to live through his life to have my own and I know I shouldn't.

Obviously since he is such a huge part of my life, I think of him when it comes to everything. He is my future husband *huge smile* and I don't want this post to sound like I can do whatever I want because I'm my own person. That's not what this is about at all. I hope you all understand, that I simply mean, there is more to me than being just a Marine's girlfriend and that I need to remember that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3 and a Set Back

I passed on my workout today. My neck still isn't how I'd like it to feel so I'm using tonight as my resting day instead of having one on day seven like the workout program suggests. I think its better to let it heal now then aggravate it even more. Like my momma says, "Listen to your body!" I'm in the middle of looking up neck exercises to help strengthen mine.

I know this post is short, but tomorrow's will be better. It's been a long day and I need some rest. Good night blog land.

Brazil Butt Lift: Day 3 

Rest day - neck pain.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day Two of Serious Butt Kicking

Today has been a decent day. I worked for nine hours and then came home to a delicious meal my mom cooked (living at home definitely has its perks!). I rested my tummy for about an hour and then started the first half of my workout (the Brazil Butt Lift program consists of doing 2 CDs (about 30 minutes long) a day). Gosh I hope that last sentence made sense… anyways… so I did that and then got on Skype to talk to Mister.

Friday’s and Saturday’s are the only times that Mister and I get to Skype (I consider myself very lucky). Since he is half way across the world that would mean for him it’s Saturday and Sunday. Since today fell on Saturday - it was Skype day! Yay for that!
After Skyping, I finished my second CD. This one hurt my neck; therefore, I am now trying to make it better – and failing. I took a bath to soak my muscles which helped lots. A quick thank you to The "Sometimes Single" Mom and Annoyed Army Wife for the bath tips! I tried them today and the bath was very relaxing. If anyone has any workout tips, I’d be more than grateful for them.

That’s all I have for today. Tomorrow will be more interesting. I promise!

Day 2: Brazil Butt Lift:

The first workout CD that I did today was mainly dancing. It was a lot of fun. I was to be able to have fun and workout at the same time; that doesn’t always happen. I couldn’t keep up with all of the moves and I got lost a couple times, but for the most part I did much better today than yesterday. Granted, it’s a different CD, but I’m sure the more than I do them, the better I’ll become and the easier the moves will be. I just need to keep focused. The second CD I did is called Tone and Lift. This one hurt my neck, but definitely burned the butt and thighs in a good way. I hope that my neck will cooperate with me in the next few weeks so that I don’t have to give this CD up. I have to listen to my body though, so we’ll see. Overall it was a good day of butt lifting. I can feel a change, but know that seeing one will take longer; must stay motivated! I’m glad that I have been sore, because at least I know it’s working!

Friday, August 20, 2010

This is NOT For You!

Today I received my Brazil Butt Lift workout through Beachbody in the mail. I was so excited and in awe of the many booties it showed all over the CD package. I kept thinking, “This is what my butt is going to look like when I’m done with this video!” I showed Mister, he got a little smirk on his face. I don't blame him though. They were very nice looking butts. Anyways...

Halfway through the video my thinking changed, “Why in the world am I doing this right now – this video is going to kill me!” I never realized getting your butt in shape was so much work. My legs hurt, my knees are sore (oppsies!), and my butt is numb. I can’t complain though, because that only means one thing: its working!

After the workout I got into the shower and just stood there thinking. I realized something. You know how people always say that when someone decides to quick using drugs: that they have to make the change in their life for themselves. Well, working out is the same thing.

This is not for my exboyfriend’s who picked apart my body and told me what wasn’t right about it. This is not for the comments by other girls who have said my body is “sickly”. And this is not for the stares (no matter what the reason for the stare was) that made me feel like they must be picking out the parts of my body that they think I need to change.

This isn’t for them. It’s for me. I want to be healthier, live a better life, and be happy with myself so that I can finally be a secure person. I want to prove to myself that I can actually finish something that I started. Today was my starting date and I’m excited to see my transformation at the very end.

At the end of my daily post, I’ll do a recap of my day’s workout. To watch my progress, click on the fitness tab at the top of my blog.

Day One: Brazil Butt Lift:

I could barely do a lot of the moves. I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone else in the video and I have realized that my balance completely sucks. My legs hurt, my knees are a little sore and I forgot to squeeze my boom-boom (what the video calls the “butt”) during most of the exercise moves. I must remember to do better at this. I took all of my measurements. They made me laugh and somewhat embarrassed, but I’m excited to see the numbers change. I am sort of confused, because I thought this was a 90 day process, but it seems like it’s only a 30 day one. I don’t want it to be 30 days – so I will be doing a round 2. Did I mention as I’m writing this my thighs are numb… seriously… they hurt. Day one complete and am excited to see what day two has to offer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner Date

In just a little bit, I'll be heading out to dinner with Mister's mom and grandma! I haven't seen them for a couple months now (I know, I'm seriously horrible!) and so our dinner date is well overdue. It will be nice seeing them again and catching up. They are two of the sweetest ladies I know which makes going out with them without  having Mister around a very comfortable experience - thank God for that!

Today I had the pleasure of standing in line at my school waiting to get my books... what a pleasant experience that was! Long lines and a bunch of annoyed bookstore employees was not something that I wanted to do today, but I'm happy it's out of the way. I start school this Monday (YIX) and even though I'm a little nervous about how hard my classes seem like they're going to be, I'm also excited to be actually doing something. I'm really going to try my very best to not let my school work affect my blogging time. Can't let that happen!

Well, I'm off to get ready to meet for dinner - I'll be sure to read all of your blogs when I get home :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Marine, Japan, and the Ball!

Things with my Marine have been amazing these past few weeks. In fact, I can’t remember our last argument and lately it seems like instead of bottling things up until they become a bigger problem, we talk about what we’re feeling and what’s going on in our heads right away.

This has always been my biggest problem – not speaking up; not saying what’s on my mind. It’s better to keep my mouth shut about what I’m thinking, because otherwise a fight will just come about, right? Oh how wrong I’ve been for so many years.

My first relationship was torn apart because I didn’t speak up and you would have thought that I would have learned from that. I wanted to learn, but I was never given a great guy (until now) to be able to communicate with. Maybe it’s something that has taken me a while but at least I’m learning and improving! That’s all someone can do.

As far as Japan goes – he’s still there… He should be back in the states in November though! I can’t wait! Unfortunately, he won’t be back in time for his new unit’s ball so this will be year two of no ball for me. Hopefully next year! I already have a dress that I want to wear so I better have the chance to go. I’ll post it shortly :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bridesmaid with a Brazilian Booty!

I've never been anything in a wedding. I was never the flower girl when I was little and my brother is not married so I've never been a bridesmaid - until now though of course! Yesterday when I went to go help my friend look for wedding dresses, she suprised me and asked me to be in her wedding!! Of course I said yes!

I already tried on a few bridesmaid dresses although I really wish I would have known I was going to do that - I could have shaved the legs and put on some self tanner!  The mirrors in the changing rooms made me want to cringe. Hello cellulite on back of legs and butt that would fail any pencil test. Blah!

Speaking of butts...

That stupid mirror pretty much freaked me out so I went home, got online, and bought a workout cd through Beachbody that I have been dying to try. It's called the Brazil Butt Lift. I know beachbody workouts are credible (they also have workouts like P90X and Insanity) and so I figured this one is worth the shot. If I don't like it in 30 days - full refund. I think I can handle that. Once I get the workout, I will be posting everyday about the workout, that way I will feel accountable.

I can't wait to be a bridesmaid with a Brazilian booty! :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Heading to the Little White Chapel!

hello dream dress!
There is a place about ten miles from where I live called the Little White Chapel that sells wedding dresses and wedding accessories. I’m heading there today with a girl I know.

She is getting married next year and wanted me to come with her to help look for her wedding dress. I was really surprised that she asked me, but of course said yes. I can’t wait to see her try on all of the dresses and I’m happy that I’m able to be a part of this with her. I think it’s a honor!

I can’t help but think that soon I’ll be trying on wedding dresses with my mom, Mister’s mom, and my closest friends. I’m not sure when we’ll end up getting married, but just knowing that it’s going to happen gives me butterflies!

Do you remember first trying on wedding dresses? If so, what was your favorite and least favorite part about the experience?

picture found: here

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Twinkle Toes (SBM)

This past week I have been working like crazy, which is why I haven't had time to post much or comment on any of your blogs. I promise tonight I will be up super late making sure I catch up - I have lots of reading and commenting to do!

As far as updates go, things have been pretty quiet around here. I was able to check off a couple things from my 101 in 1001 Days list. I finished reading my first book and I got my first pedicure - which leads me into...

...this weeks Sunday Beautiful Moment: remembering to treat thy self from time to time.

I can't even begin to explain how much I enjoyed getting a pedi! A USMC Gal and I went and got one and it was SO relaxing. While we were catching up on things from our last meet-up, we were getting a foot massage - not a bad trade eh? Besides, my toes actually look cute! I showed Mister them, he likes. Him and I agreed to go get pedi's together sometimes once he's home haha. I'm not sure if that's normal, but oh well!

So I have to ask... have you ever gone with your man to get a mani or pedi or is my Marine just high maintence? ;)

picture from: here!

This Saved Me

A couple of days ago I finished the book, So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  One of the last things she wrote about basically saved me from any mental breakdowns in the future. Before I go into what that exactly is, let's see if you can relate:

Like many people...

I fear being alone.
I fear rejection.
I fear feeling stupid.
I fear betrayl.
I fear being hurt.
I fear pain.
I fear instability.
I fear being financially unstable.
I fear failure.
I fear success.
I fear not being healthy (mainly coming down with some disease).
The list could really go on and on...

Why am I telling you all this?

Beth Moore made me realize something that I've known for a very long time, but have not fully participated in. That something is trusting God - with everything. I have no reason to be afraid of things that I can't control. Why? Well, let me show you how she broke it down in her book:

You: "Lord, I don't know if I can trust ____________ or not."
God: "But you can trust Me?"

I think its very clear in some of my posts that I'm a firm believer in God and that Jesus died for my sins. There is no reason for me to hide it or to feel ashamed. If it's something that someone would not like to read, then I'll be sad to see you go. I do trust in the Lord which in turn made me realize that if I trust God with everything in me, then why should I be afraid of things? He is in control. He will take care of me. I will not fear bad news.

So what saved me from future mental breakdowns you ask?

This Bible verse did:
[She] will have no fear of bad news; [her] heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. [Her heart is secure, [she] will have no fear; in the end [she] will look on triumph on [her] foes.     PSLAM 112: 7-8
Since coming across the verse, I have repeated it over and over again in my head when I start to feel nervous about something and suddenly, peace comes over me - I'm no longer afraid. Anxiety is something that I have dealt with since I can remember. Nothing has ever helped and maybe that is because I was looking to things other than God's Word. I feel so blessed.

I wish that I could share with you all that I have learned so far in my beginning of security (it's a lot!), but if there is one thing that I want to take from this book, it's that I can trust God with everything and that in Him, I want to be secure and can be secure. I'm already becoming more secure with myself and in God. I think that's pretty good for a months work.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yearly Check Up

Tomorrow I will be having the great pleasure in going to have my yearly check up done. I still haven't decided whether or not to get back on birth control, but its something that I'll talk to the doctor about. I told Mister about the wonderful pap smear that I have to get - his response, "At  least you'll be getting some kind of action..." My response? "Uh, yea... from a fifty year old lady." Exciting isn't it?  It will be my second one in three years though so I'm due to go in. I can't complain too much though, they really aren't that bad.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Beautiful Moment: Love

When I sat down to write this post about my Beautiful Moment of the week, it didn’t take me long to think about what the topic was going to be…

Last night my family all sat down to watch a movie. We knew my brother was moving to Oklahoma today, so we wanted to spend one more night of good quality time before he left. A quarter into the movie a big storm came in. Lightning was flashing every few seconds – I’ve never seen that much lightning before. About halfway into the movie, the TV shut off and the lights turned dark – our power went out.

As my parents got up to look around for candles, matches, and flashlights, I sat there not really knowing what to do. No TV, no internet, no power. So I went to the closet and pulled out a game (UNO) and set some candles on the floor to light up the board. At first my family was not interested. It was already late and my brother needed to get up early in the morning. After suggesting how much fun it would be, they all sat down around the game and we started playing. We all had an absolute blast. I don’t remember the last time we as a family sat down to play a game board. There was no yelling or fighting; we just enjoyed ourselves as a family. Our power was out long enough for us to get through a couple games and get ready for bed. I’m glad it didn’t come back sooner.

Today while having lunch my mom said a prayer. That was the moment my mom, my dad, and I lost it. The tears came and soon enough we were passing around napkins to wipe our eyes and blow our noses. He ended up leaving about 2:30 PM. I cried my eyes out. He started crying too. I told him I loved him and will miss him. As he was leaving, it was the moment that I realized how much I love my brother. We might fight and get on each other’s cases a lot, but he’s the best brother anyone could ask for. I’m so proud of him for taking a leap of faith and moving somewhere with no job and putting his future in God’s hands. I’m going to miss him so much.

My beautiful moment of the week: experiencing a great night together as a family and realizing how much my brother truly means to me. Him leaving brought our family together and has made us all realize the love we have for each other. Too many times I have taken him for granted. I love you brother!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

No-Go BlogHer Conference

Hey all! So after hearing about everyone going to the BlogHer Conference, I was starting to get bummed out that I'm not able to participate. THEN I heard that Musings of a Marfan Mom and To.Be.Thode. started a No-Go BlogHer Conference that will last from August 4 - August 7.  I know I'm a little late, but hopefully I'll meet some great bloggers. I'm excited!! :)

Here is what you need to do to participate:

1.Answer the questions below on your blog and then link up that post in the linky that will at the bottom of this post. You will find the linky at ToBeThode or Musings of a Marfan Mom but you only need to link up once as it will be identical information.

2.Grab the button for the No-Go BlogHer party and place it on your sidebar during the duration of the party. (If you have any problems doing that on your blog, let us know and we would be glad to help).

Here are the questions we want you to answer:

1.When did you start blogging?
November 2009

2.Why did you start blogging?
I had just started to date my Marine that was based overseas and was having problems with my ex and other friends. In order to vent and hopefully connect with other people who may relate, I started a blog. I also wanted to use my blog as a way to document things that were happening in my life. I have come to absolutely love it and now completely addicted :)

3.What is one thing you are going to do this week that is WAY cooler than going to BlogHer?
This week I have been spending a lot of time with my family. May not seem like its WAY cooler than going to BlogHer, but my brother is moving a few states away so I've been really appreciating every moment hanging out together.

4.Share a post that you think says a lot about you or is your favorite. (share the link in YOUR post so we all can see):
My favorite post has to be my first post that I ever wrote.  You can read it here
I hope you all join! If you're new to my blog, please feel free to follow and leave a comment - its the only way I'll know you're new! I always return the favor :) Thanks everyone!

Icing, Potato Chips, and Popcorn, OH MY!

I just got done working out a little bit ago. After the inital shock of, "Oh my gosh, I think I'm going to pass out," I felt pretty good about myself. I have been really trying to make a habit of working out everyday. So far, I'm doing good. A 3 mile bike ride one day, a workout cd the next, I'm proud of myself!

What I'm not proud of though is what happens AFTER I work out.  Here is an example of what usually happens:

Tonight after working out I had a spoonful of icing (it was left over from cupcakes my mom made the other day), a handful (or two - I'm not telling which) of potato chips, and a few pieces of popcorn that my brother didn't want. Why the heck couldn't I grab some fruit, make myself a salad, or simply just eat something healthy? Instead I go for the "easy to grab" foods that take about two seconds and taste delicious. What's the point of working my butt off if I'm going to just make more room for fatty foods?

I would love to sit here and blame my parents for the food in the house, but its my own fault. No blaming other people for something that I can change. I put the food in my mouth. I have a paycheck - I can go pick up more healthy things for myself. Infact, thats exactly what I'm about to do after this post!

Blah, silly me!

**I should add that I went and saw an advisor at school today and got my schedule all figured out. It looks like I'll be graduating with my two year degree this spring!!! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learning that Being There is Enough

My new found USMC Gal friend and I were talking about something yesterday that really stuck with me. It's something that I have felt quite a few times, but have never really talked about before. Maybe this is something that I've kept inside because I didn't realize that its a common thing (at least it's something that my friend and I share). Maybe a part of me was scared that I was the one lacking therefore I felt this way and wanted to bottle it up, because if I lacked in this area, then maybe then I wasn't good enough for him...

You know those times when our man is stressed from work. He's grumpy, tired, nothing is going right and more is being piled up on his plate. He's far away (maybe he's not) and all you want to do is comfort him. So you begin to tell him that you're sorry and that you're there for him if he wants to talk. So he starts talking (or maybe he doesn't because he doesn't want to talk about it) and you give the best advice/encouragement that you can. He's still down and can't just shake what's going on - he needs time. So then what? Well, at this moment in time, I usually feel like what I said wasn't good enough. If only I had said something better than he would be happier. He wouldn't be as stressed or grumpy. I'm suppose to be there for him and I can't physcially be there to make things better (for those times when they are there: my hugs and kisses aren't doing the trick!).

As I was thinking about this scenario that I find myself in at times, I picked up my phone and texted Mister and asked him two simple questions. 1. "When you're down or sad what do I do that helps you the most?" and 2. "Is there something I can do that would help you during those times that I don't do now?" He first asked me why I was asking him that (so I explained) and then he told me his answers. He basically said that being there and offering an open ear is the best thing that I could ever do (both of which I do). He also said that sometimes he doesn't know what would help. He gets so stressed out and so tired that he just needs space and time and needs to be upset.

What I learned yesterday is that even though maybe to me (or even you) listening or being there may not seem like its enough - it really does have more strength and power than we could possibly imagine. Even if after a long heart felt conversation it doesn't seem like there is a huge impact on our man's attitude, deep down it probably felt really good just knowing that you care and are there for them.

I guess the meaning of this post is hopefully to let others know that if you've ever felt like you weren't able to do enough when your man is all stressed with work, you're not alone. I thought that maybe I was, but I've learned that I'm not and that makes me feel much more at ease. It's not you. It's not them. It's more so the situation. Don't be hard on yourself, just be there and offer support - that's all you can do. It may not seem like a lot, but to our man, it means the world.

Written up at Work = Not the Best Day

Today started off fine. Then I went to work and was about to leave and that's when things went down hill. I was written up for my register being $3 dollars short... 3 dollars... seriously? It's the first time I've ever been short in my two years of working register and of course this past week since there were a few people having troubles on the registers they came up with a rule that if your one dollar short, your written up. Yay me.. lol. Talk about timing right? I was kind of pissed about it earlier, teared up a bit, and then got over it. It's my first write up and well there's nothing I can do about it. I just better make sure its my last. I did have a bowl of chocolate and marshmellow ice cream and I must say, that helped a lot! :) I also skipped working out... I'm bad I know!

I wasn't able to go to my advisor today to talk about my future plans; I'm going tomorrow (this time I mean it!). I woke up this morning realizing that I may not have time to talk to the advisor about everything and that the best decision is do it during a time where I don't need to be rushed. Since I don't work tomorrow until five, I figured that should work perfectly!

Plans for the rest of my night: reading all of your blogs :) BTW: if you're new to my blog and haven't posted a comment telling me so, PLEASE DO!! I have 100 followers now (how the heck did that happen!?!? - you all are awesome!) and usually only have a chance to follow your blog back if you comment me telling me your new to mine. So please leave comment and I will be more than happy to share the love right on back :)

Hope you all have a great rest of your night!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Already Feeling the Stress!!!

For some reason tonight I sat down and started looking at information on degrees at the community college that I go to. For the past two years I've been working on getting generals done. It's taken me a little longer than I expected, but I'll be done with my 64 credits by the end of this year. Heres the thing... I still have no idea what I want to do!!

I have thought about going to school for journalism, but every one I've talked to said its hard to find a job these days in the field. Then I thought about getting a business degree, but I don't want to transfer to a college to get my four year degree and then find out I don't want to finish. So then I wonder, well maybe I should just get a two year (nonaccredited) business degree at my community college, but is a (nonaccredited) two year business degree enough these days? BLAAHHH!

I was all set for this coming semester and now I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. Instead of sleeping in tomorrow, I'm going to head to see an advisor before I head to work to try to figure out what's the best path for me. *Stopping to breathe for a second....*

I'm stressed out now. There is one thing I hate about growing up: having to choose your career - its a lot harder than its made up to be!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something Beautiful - Overdue

I haven't participated in my own weekly feature for I don't know how long. Sad right? For some reason, I never remember or when I do remember, I'm not by my computer at the moment. So even though "Something Beautiful: Moment" is for Sunday's and it's technically almost two hours into monday (where I am at least), I'm still going to do it. Better late than never right?

For those who don't know what "Something Beautiful: Moment" is about, I take time every Sunday (that I remember at least, HA!) to reflect on the week and say what I'm thankful for or talk about a moment that was really special. I started this feature at a time where I was having trouble finding the positive in a hard time and realized it was something I wanted to continue. Pretty simple right?

Now for this weeks beautiful moment:

This past week has been all about meeting new people. I met my new USMC Gal friend and also met my best friends cousin who was visiting from Italy. I hit it off great with both girls and have found new friendships in them. I'm so thankful for this. With all of the changes in friends that have happened in the last year, I feel like I finally am meeting new girls who are positive and are supportive - both of which are things that I need/want in friends. When Mister and I started going out, I realized that I needed to cut a lot of people out of my life for their behavior and reaction to my new relationship. Negativity just wasn't something I needed and I knew that Mister was different than the rest of the guys prior - so I had to take a chance with him.

Long story short: my beautiful moment of this week is meeting some great new girl friends that are supportive and positive people!

What's been your beautiful moment this past week?

Catching Up to Do

he last couple of days have been crazy busy, so I wanted to catch you up on everything.

The other day I met up with a USMC Gal that lives close by and it went great! We talked over coffee for two hours and I swear we could have kept going - only reason we didn't was dinner was ready at my house and so I had to head on home. It was great being able to talk to someone that could relate to everything going on in my life. Someone that understands. We're planning on meeting up again in a week. Can't wait!

I know my last post was about how freaked out I was, but I've settled down a little bit. I'm trying to not let it bother me - it's still two years away and who knows what's going to happen by then. I'm saving up my money (the very best that I can) and will continue to do so. I hope things will just fall into place, but everyone knows that doesn't always happen, so I plan on talking to him about things when the time gets closer.

As far as today goes, I plan on laying in bed watching Lifetime movies and then watching Army Wives! Can't wait :)
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