Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3 and a Set Back

I passed on my workout today. My neck still isn't how I'd like it to feel so I'm using tonight as my resting day instead of having one on day seven like the workout program suggests. I think its better to let it heal now then aggravate it even more. Like my momma says, "Listen to your body!" I'm in the middle of looking up neck exercises to help strengthen mine.

I know this post is short, but tomorrow's will be better. It's been a long day and I need some rest. Good night blog land.

Brazil Butt Lift: Day 3 

Rest day - neck pain.


Ruth said...

Hope you have a good rest and feel better soon!!

Neidy said...

Neck pains are the worst! But I'm certainly hoping it goes away! :)

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