Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dinner Date

In just a little bit, I'll be heading out to dinner with Mister's mom and grandma! I haven't seen them for a couple months now (I know, I'm seriously horrible!) and so our dinner date is well overdue. It will be nice seeing them again and catching up. They are two of the sweetest ladies I know which makes going out with them without  having Mister around a very comfortable experience - thank God for that!

Today I had the pleasure of standing in line at my school waiting to get my books... what a pleasant experience that was! Long lines and a bunch of annoyed bookstore employees was not something that I wanted to do today, but I'm happy it's out of the way. I start school this Monday (YIX) and even though I'm a little nervous about how hard my classes seem like they're going to be, I'm also excited to be actually doing something. I'm really going to try my very best to not let my school work affect my blogging time. Can't let that happen!

Well, I'm off to get ready to meet for dinner - I'll be sure to read all of your blogs when I get home :)


Jessica said...

Hope that you had a wonderful dinner!

Ruth said...

Trust you had great time!!

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