Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something Beautiful - Overdue

I haven't participated in my own weekly feature for I don't know how long. Sad right? For some reason, I never remember or when I do remember, I'm not by my computer at the moment. So even though "Something Beautiful: Moment" is for Sunday's and it's technically almost two hours into monday (where I am at least), I'm still going to do it. Better late than never right?

For those who don't know what "Something Beautiful: Moment" is about, I take time every Sunday (that I remember at least, HA!) to reflect on the week and say what I'm thankful for or talk about a moment that was really special. I started this feature at a time where I was having trouble finding the positive in a hard time and realized it was something I wanted to continue. Pretty simple right?

Now for this weeks beautiful moment:

This past week has been all about meeting new people. I met my new USMC Gal friend and also met my best friends cousin who was visiting from Italy. I hit it off great with both girls and have found new friendships in them. I'm so thankful for this. With all of the changes in friends that have happened in the last year, I feel like I finally am meeting new girls who are positive and are supportive - both of which are things that I need/want in friends. When Mister and I started going out, I realized that I needed to cut a lot of people out of my life for their behavior and reaction to my new relationship. Negativity just wasn't something I needed and I knew that Mister was different than the rest of the guys prior - so I had to take a chance with him.

Long story short: my beautiful moment of this week is meeting some great new girl friends that are supportive and positive people!

What's been your beautiful moment this past week?


Birdie said...

Good for you!! There can be a lot of cattiness and drama among MilSpouses, but when you make a true friend you actually feel GOOD when you hang out!! As in, you know they're not judging you:) Good friends are so rad!

K said...

I like this idea (get back into posting this on sundays!!)

My beautiful moment of the week: On friday, after a horrible week for me, My husband bought me chocolate and watched movies with me

Neidy said...

Good friends are hard to come by :) I'm very glad you had a great week!
Here's my wonderful moment:
I was able to talk to the Mr. on facebook two nights ago. We both discovered that we had fallen in more for each other than ever. Even if he's an ocean away, he's still the most amazing thing in my life :)

It's Something Beautiful said...

Thanks ladies for participating! I'm definitely going to make this more of a priority. I even went as far as setting an alarm on my phone so I remember... haha. :)

Neidy - its amazing how even though you can be thousands of miles away from the one you love and yet become so close to one another and fall even deeper in love. I'm happy for you hun!!

K- I'm not sure there is anything better than a movie date night! I can't wait to have one again!!

KelseyC said...

I love this idea! I'm trying my best to stay positive these days too haha. And new friends are always the best. I'm going to have to agree with you and post my beautiful moment as strengthening new relationships with new people. :)

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