Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sponsor A Troop!

I was wondering if anyone has ever (or are currently) sponsoring or have adopted a troop that's overseas? A long time ago I had posted an organization that lets you adopt at hero, but never got around to doing it. So like me... ugh. This time around though, I'm actually doing it! I'm excited and figure it's my way of helping someone's deployment go hopefully a little bit better.

The truth is... I've been thinking about doing this ever since my friend (who I look to as a brother) was sent overseas a few years ago. He doesn't have much for family and I know that never once did they send him a letter or package. I don't believe many of his other friends sent him much either besides my family and I. It makes me think about how many men and women are overseas that get nothing. How incredibly sad is that... for someone to go to a war zone and not be sent any "I miss you's" or "I love you's." Obviously I'm not going to be saying those things to my sponsored troop, but I think by writing them a letter and sending them little things will show that someone is thinking of them. Someone cares. Someone wants them to come home safe. I would personally want someone to write me, even if it meant that someone was a complete stranger. With how things are in Afghanistan and the rise in deaths (Lord keep our men safe!) I think it's important that we support our troops more than ever and are doing what we can to help their morale.

So my question is...
do you sponsor/adopt a troop?
If so, what program do you go through?
If not, what are you waiting for?


Brianne said...

I did twice. I went through Any Soldier & Soldiers Angels.

It could have changed but at the time you were required to send out so many letters & so many packages with SA. I just couldn't keep up with it because I was/am a poor busy college student. It also didn't help that the guy never wrote me back so I had no idea what to include in his care packages.

With AnySoldier there are no requirements & you can send as many or as few letters and care packages as time & budget allow for. (Also could have changed)

I haven't done either in a couple years.


Krystal said...

Great idea. I just signed up at Any Soldier. I do a lot of swaps throughout the country, so I might as well send some cheer overseas! Let me know if you sign up and what you send! I picked a girl who needed body wash, books, etc. :D

It's Something Beautiful said...

Brianne - thanks so much for the info! I guess I never thought that some might require you to send a certain amount of letters/packages. This is something I'll have to look into when it comes to looking for a program!!

Krystal - thats awesome you signed up! I'm so happy! I will let you know when I do and who I go through :)

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

Great idea! I had been thinking about doing something as well but kept procrastinating and getting mad at myself for not doing it! I've looked a little into Soldier's Angels but am now going to look into Any Soldier!

addicted2shius said...

No but I want to. I told my hubby to do it for his unit and let me know so I could get my church involved. Awesome for you. You know how much these packages and letters go a long way for them.

Anonymous said...

I also have been a part of Soldiers Angels for a few years. At first I adopted a specific soldier but once she came home I did not officially adopt another because I couldn't really afford to do so. However, I've been doing TLCs which are a one letter deal. You send one letter to a soldier who has been put on the list of those needing a little TLC. Through this I've come across a few who write me back and then I continue to write them but don't send packages except when I can.

LindseyLove said...

Love this idea. I did a post on this last month. My friend and I are going to figure out how to adopt a unit. I'm going get in contact with my husbands FRO and see if she can get us in contact with a specific unit. We haven't done much with it yet, but it's coming soon. We need more people to show appreciation like you do. Love it!


Texan at Heart said...

i adopted a soldier in february through soldier's angels. it's awesome!!!

A Journey to a new me... said...

Hi there...found your blog through another. I come from a line of military men and have done things in support of our troops since 1986. First it was writing letters to soldiers through Dear Abby "Any Soldier". Then as friends enlisted and transferred overseas by sending care packages and letters. After 9/11 Dear Abby's "Any Soldier" was discontinued (due to the Anthrax scare/threat). In recent years I have utilized the Any Soldier program some of the others have previously mentioned (http://www.anysoldier.com/) to send care packages as my budget will allow (about every 3 months). The nice thing about this site is that you can read through some of the needs/wants and find items that fit into your budget. I rarely hear back from a specific person BUT I am always notified when the package arrives. I love this program and know that the recipients appreciate the items as well.

Just a word of caution/advise though. When you do choose to send a package, send it parcel post. Sending it Priority doesn't get the package to a soldier in 2 to 3 days like we'd like and isn't worth the extra postage (sending it parcel post will save you TONS-thus allowing you to send more items if you wish). The package first goes to a military "sorting" facility then off to the soldier in the field.

Good luck!

naomichronicles said...

I did the writing letters to soldiers through Dear Abby "Any Soldier" also back in middle school as well. :) I've also adopted a soldier through Soldier's Angels. I don't thunk there were too many requirements but it is hard when you're on a budget and you don't hear back from the person, I only heard back once through e-mail. In any case I am glad I did it but wished I could have done more. I like the idea of letter writing though.. I'll definitely be looking more into that one. :)


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