Saturday, August 28, 2010

What About Meeee?!

I have successfully completed the first week of school (reason my blogging has lacked any new posts)! My classes are hard this semester; two of them are at least. It's really exciting (majorly exaggerating) when your professor tells you that 42% of students in his class will either fail the class or dropout. Now that's a great way to start the semester (again, exaggerating!).

I realized something though, while introducing myself to the people in all of my classes, it looked a lot like this...
"Hi, my name is ______. I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine. He is based in Japan, but will soon be coming home. We're planning on getting engaged shortly after he comes home. And ya!"
I saw this pattern today and I asked myself this question: what happens when Mister is no longer a Marine? What do I say about myself then? I feel like I almost expressed who I am through my Marine and honestly I don't like that. I'm more than just a Marine's girlfriend.

If I had my way to introduce myself to every one again it would look a lot more like this...
"Hi, my name is ______. I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine. I love to cook and blog. I plan on either majoring in business or journalism. I love to workout and I'm obsessed with motorcycles and tattoos."
I understand that when you have a family, they become a part of your life and I'm so very happy that Mister is a very special part of my life - but I am also my own person - I guess this is where my independence starts to shine through. I don't need to live through his life to have my own and I know I shouldn't.

Obviously since he is such a huge part of my life, I think of him when it comes to everything. He is my future husband *huge smile* and I don't want this post to sound like I can do whatever I want because I'm my own person. That's not what this is about at all. I hope you all understand, that I simply mean, there is more to me than being just a Marine's girlfriend and that I need to remember that.


annoyed army wife said...

You definitely have to be your own woman while still embracing your relationship. When I do little intros like that I rarely mention I'm married, people gather that from my rings. It's not until our 3rd or 4th conversation people find out OccDoc is a soldier and I like it that way. It doesn't alter their perception of me. I want people to see me as who I am first, not an army wife first (despite my blog's title - LOL!).

Anonymous said...

I guess I got lucky seeing as how we did not do introductions in any of my college classes this week. Thank god! But dont feel alone on having a class that 42% fail as the professor tells you because mine also told me that friday morning. First words out of his mouth to his class were that half of his class either fails or drops out. But just let your personality shine thorugh in class when youre around everyone and show them that you may be a Marines girlfriend, but you are also more than that. Good luck on your classes this year!

Maranda said...

Hear, hear! Never forget that you are your own person too. Yes, he is a big part of your is the USMC but that is not the only thing that defines you. Great job on realizing this early!

Anonymous said...

It's good that you see that you ARE your own person. As girlfriends, wives, parents, etc. we are PROUD to say that there is someone in our lives that is serving. So, we tend to hyper-focus on how proud we are and we want the world to know! Your introduction to the classes showed your top priority. When he's no longer active, you'll feel the need to say your second intro.

Anonymous said...

"but I am also my own person - I guess this is where my independence starts to shine through. I don't need to live through his life to have my own and I know I shouldn't."

This is something to keep in mind not just for college introductions but for life in general too. Considering the many changes in my life, it's something that I will be thinking of as the next phase of my life begins. :)


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