Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Girl & Goodbye's

Yesterday was my birthday! Another year older.
Everyone kept asking how it felt - I've have one word : old!

I spent the first half of my day going to class and doing homework (it had to get done - even if it meant doing it on my bday!) and the other half with my family eating yummy food and watching the game. I was super bummed that the Vikings lost. I was hoping that they would win, but it just wasn't their day. Boo!

Thankfully I was able to talk to Mister last night before I went to bed. He got off work an hour later than he thought he was going to, but that hour was worth waiting for :) We weren't able to talk long though because he went to see his unit off. They shipped off to a place I'm not able to talk about. It was sad for my Marine to see them leave with out him - more so because he wasn't sure if he'd see his buddies again. More than likely they won't be back by the time he leaves for the States. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they stay on schedule so that he'll be able to see them again. I know it would mean a lot to Mister.

For more happy news, Mister gets the weekend off! He wasn't suppose to but they gave it to him. This made me a very happy girl. Looking forward to Skyping with my man again tonight. Two days in a week and there back to back - I feel like a very spoiled girl :)


Audrey said...

Happy belated birthday! Mine is in 2 weeks...I told my husband last night that I already feel old and he gave me the "I don't want to hear it because I'm 3 years older than you" look :)

Anonymous said...

Happy (late) Birthday!

annoyed army wife said...

Happy belated Birthday! I'm glad you got to talk to your man!

Maranda said...

Happy birthday!!!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Yay for Virgos :o)


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