Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm All Ears

I'm going to skip Sunday Stories tonight. I'll post it late (as in tomorrow) for you all to read. There are just some random things that are on my heart right now and I wanted to be able to just write.

1. Almost a year ago, one of my good friends lost  his mom. It's her birthday today and he's having a hard time. He was going to stop over at my work to say hi today, but just wanted some time to himself and reflect. Completely understandable. At times I just don't know what to say to make him feel better. I'm not sure there is anything really to say. So I simply told him that I was all ears. I may not be able to relate, but I'm a good listener. Any advice/thoughts?

2. I hate my phone sometimes. I was at work and Mister received a text from me that I had sent to him yesterday. Of course, it was one of those messages where we were talking about "fun time" and so when he received it today out of know where he was really confused. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about and then explaining the text to him, things were back to being ok. Just annoying.

3. My favorite girls and I went down town last night. It was a really good time! We all got together for my birthday to do a little celebrating. The night included shopping and dinner - can't go wrong there! Long story short, the night was a great success.

4. My manager brought up somthing today that made me do some thinking. She asked if I still talk to my ex-fiance. I told her no. I actually stopped talking to him when Mister and I were a couple months into our relationship. I needed to give Mister a full chance and having my ex talk to me was just something that wouldn't give him that full chance. So, I cut the cord. What got me thinking was how emotionally abusive he was to me. I knew he had a control over me, but I guess I never really opened my eyes to it all and really took it for what it was. When a man is being friendly one moment and then out of no where freaks out, swears, and hangs up on you - obviously there is something wrong with him. Why is it that its so easy to be blind when your in the situation and then things become clearer later on? I should have listened to my friends when they said to cut him out of my life sooner. I should have listened to them when they said he was being controlling. I should have listened to them when they said what he was doing was wrong. Note to all women out there: we all want to be that girl that changes that one guy, but know, you can't change a man!!!

5. I started the Ortho Patch today. I figured it might be a better option for me since I'm horrible about remembering to take a single pill everyday at the same time. I had no idea where to put it so its smack middle on one of my butt cheeks. We'll see if I like it and if it will even stay on. I've been paranoid all day and already have filled my coworkers in on the fact that if I am touching my butt cheek a lot to not worry about me. They think I'm an odd one as it is so they just laughed it off. I'm glad they are able to do so :)

6. There is a radio show that does Military Night every wednesday. I drive home from class on wednesday nights so I get to tune in every time. I love it!! I am usually in tears on my way home, but thats ok. It melts my heart hearing peoples shout-outs to their loved ones over seas and to hear a safe troop from overseas telling their family members how much they love them. I wish every radio station did this. I don't understand why more don't. Click here on Wednesday nights at 7pm central time to tune in :) Once your at the website, click on Listen Now!!
Exhaustion is setting in. Long day at work, even a longer day tomorrow. Good night bloggy land and sorry my life hasn't been very interesting lately. I will work on that!


annoyed army wife said...

I loved the patch! I normally wore it on my lower back right above my hip bone. Good luck with it! The Sunday Story links are up until Tuesday...

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