Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Stories + Something Beautiful

If you've never heard of Sunday Stories, make sure you check out The Annoyed Army Wife's blog. She is awesome :)

If you are new to my blog, check out how my previous story ... it will help you with this weeks!

So as you may remember, I ended last weeks story letting you all know how Mister and I were introduced... and how we stopped talking. For the two and a half years that we lost touch, I dated a lot, experienced a lot of heart break, and learned a ton about what I liked and disliked in a man.

One of the guys I fell in love with ended up proposing to me. It lasted a few months and then he fell out of love with me and in love with another women. It broke my heart in about a million peices. I went through a time in my life where I wasn't me.  I did a lot of stupid things and looked to other guys to help fix the missing parts in my heart.

One day I confinded in a friend who was currently over in Iraq. We grow really close to each other since he was experiencing a similar situation and we ended up helping each other out. He seemed to be like someone special and our friendship turned into something more. During his R&R leave from Iraq, we spent every waking moment together. A few days before he left back to Iraq, he changed his mind and realized he was still crazy about a girl that just became single. Needless to say, whatever we were was over. He told me I was a great girl and that he prayed that I would find a great guy.  I was appreciative for his prayers and realized that him and I really weren't right for each other.

Meanwhile... during all this time of me living life, Mister was having hard times with girls... it seemed like every girl he fell for, they would change their mind and break his heart. He was looking for a good girl but came to the conclusion that since he was overseas and based in Japan that he probably wasn't going to find a girl until he was either out of the service or back in the states.

With a simple post on Facebook, both of our lives changed.... stay tuned for next week to see what it was!

It's now time for Something Beautiful:

This past week has been crazy to say the least. School has been my main focus, but its been hard trying to balance everything since work is giving me more hours than ever before. Yesterday alone, my work did almost $36,000. It was busy to say the least.  I can't complain though. I'm lucky to be able to go to school and recieve an education and in the economy that we are in at the moment, I'm lucky to have a job at all.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my neighbors, who I've known for as along as I can remember, lost their home. Bills were becoming too much and the man of the house lost his job due to a back injury. It's sad to think how one moment you have everything and the next moment, everything you know is stripped away.  I can't say it's been easy for my family either. We've had to cut down on a lot of things, my dad is working more hours than ever, and I've been helping out more expenses.

Beautiful Moment of the Week: Being able to help my family in hard times, receiving an education, and having a job that continues to give me hours.


annoyed army wife said...

I can't wait to hear what it was that changed your lives!

Kayla Sue said...

I love your upbeat attitude during rough times! It's so encouraging!

Lacey said...

I'm new to your blog and found you through Kayla Sue..I'm lovin it and can't wait for next week story! I'm following! :) God is so good.

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