Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ya, I got me a keeper!

Always nice waking up to a wonderful message from the boy... makes my heart melt
Hey baby girl! Im about to head to bed i just wanted to send you a quick message. i love you so much! you are my everything!!! your my best friend i know that i can come to you with anything and even if you dont like it you will still support me! i can honestly say i could never see myself without you! we are going to grow old together and spend the rest of our lives together!! I cant wait for the day that i can come back and hold you again. to see you come running to me when you pick me up at the air port. picking you up and kissing you!well i better head to sleep i got an early day tomorrow! I hope you are dreaming of me so that i can see you in dreams i love you and i miss you more than words can explain good night pooky...

Your Kookie


Maranda said...

Too cute!

Jenifer said...

Those are the best..... He is a keeper :)

Busy Working Mama said...

Awww! Definitely a keeper!

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