Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best Travel-Deal Sites!

I was reading a couple of magazines while on my way home from visiting my brother earlier this week and I came across some great travel sites/tips! I wanted a great way to not only document these for my future use, but I also wanted to share these with you. I hope you find these helpful in some way!!

To get a super cheap flight: - offers great deals as well as tips on how to get even cheaper flights. - offers discounts up to 70% off on last-minute flights - this site helps you forecast when you'd get the best deal on a flight. - during a price test done by, Hotwire has the best "next-weekend" deals. - this site contains all of the major airline and discounted flight sites to help you find the best price without having to check a lot of sites. - perfect for airlines in which you have to pick your seat online. This site shows you the plane you'd be on and where the location of the seats are - that way you can find the seat that's best for you!


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