Monday, October 11, 2010

Did Someone Punch Me in the Face?

Allergies are not being good to me. My eyes hurt and it doesn't help that I have sinus problems as it is. It just makes it all worse really.  My surgery date has moved to November 12. I honestly just want it done now. On top of having the stint put in place, we're going to see if my doctor will remove the other pollup in my cheek area. It's been causing a lot of pressure and I know my pollups are causing me to be absolutely exhausted which in turn affects my school and life in general. Probably not the best when you have to take a few naps a day just to function.

I've been trying really hard to NOT countdown days until Mister is home. I know most people say the opposite, but I've found that by not looking at the countdown constantly, time goes by faster. I love looking at it and seeing a much smaller number until he's home. Its beyond exciting!

I'm planning on visiting my Marine at Pendleton a couple months after he arrives there. I'm thinking January since I won't be in school. If anyone wants to get together, let me know!! :)

Off to study for my mid exams... I need a B on my accounting test in order to stay in the class. Talk about stressful! I'll write again soon!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh sweetie I'm sorry you feel so yucky! Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

The evil of allergies! I hope you feel better and the time before you see your mister is short!

Seraphine said...

i've never been a fan of waiting. the saying 'hurry up and wait' confuses me. the problem is, life happens while you are waiting.
just think: if you wait at a stop light for one minute every day on your way to work. that's 5 minutes a week, 20 minutes a month.
that works out to 240 minutes a year, or four hours of your life wasted.
over the course of a lifetime, that works out to be about two weeks of your existence.
it's no wonder life goes by so quickly. if all those little one-minute things add up, think what a wasted day or hour does to you.
best wishes on our sinuses. november will be here before you know...

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