Thursday, October 14, 2010

A "Special" Thanks To Ms. Crazy

As you may have saw in my last post, the last 24 hours have a little interesting. I could not sleep for the life of me last night (a whopping hour and a half). I was just so creeped out by "Ms. Crazy". I wanted to make sure that she would have no contact with either of us - what so ever. Mister kind of made it sound like he was going to stop talking to her until things cooled down,  but I expressed my feelings of how I really didn't feel comfortable with her being a part of our lives and then he reassured me that he meant he was done talking to her for good. It just makes me so appreciative for him and love him even more. Never did I have to ask him to stop talking to her to begin with - he did that on his own. Never did I have to tell him what she was doing was inappropraite - he stood up for me right away and told her to stop when she first started "confessing her love to him".

I can't express how many times I've heard simliar stories to mine and they end up in a complete mess. This has just made things between Mister and I that much stronger. So in an odd way, I have to say thank you to Ms. Crazy.

Thank you for making us stronger.
Thank you for giving me another reason why I love my man so much.
Thank you for bringing us closer as a couple.
Thank you for making a big mistake and passing up on my Marine...
...your a little too late - I'm not letting him go!


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