Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Year Military Pay Freeze - Must Read!

Thought I would share this... Ugh.


Katelyn.Christine said...

What?! Would they really do that?! This is insane and sad at the same time. Why doesn't congress take a paycut instead of screwing over our military men and women?!

Mrs H. said...

This sickens me. My husband joined the Army because he loves his Country and wants his boys to grow up safe and happy. I'm so proud to be an Army wife but sometime it seem more than I can handle. We worry enough about deployments, money shouldn't be one of them. We are smart with our money but we still struggle time to time. When Our Nations starts taking away from the military this nation will fall. And the worst part is they forget that our men and women WILL DIE for this country if needed. I'd like to see Congress take the pay-cuts!!

Jenifer said...

this makes me furious... it really does. I'd like to see them (congress) take a cut in pay!

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