Thursday, November 18, 2010

Concentration {and lack there of}

I have so much to do. My "to do list" is ridiculously long today and yet.. here I am. Sitting at my computer (that is over heating and about to burn my leg), writing this post and looking up wedding things. I. Am. Obsessed. No one ever told me I'd get this way.. that once I began blogging, I would get insanely addicted and that once we have a wedding "month", I'd want to emerge myself in everything wedding. Where was my warning sign?

Oh wells!

Today I need to:
  1. Finish my career portfolio which includes three essays (that I have not started) and two example projects (that I have not thought of... or started).
  2. Read my economics chapter and start my homework assignment as well as do my online quiz.
  3. Post an online discussion for my career class.
  4. Read three (not so) short stories for my literature class. Remind me to tell you how much of a joke that class is. Seriously, you'll be shocked.
  5. Sign up for classes for next semester
  6. Look up venues for the wedding!!
Might only be six items, but they'll all take me a long time. Better get started! Concentrate!


Anonymous said...

Wow, good luck!

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