Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deals Baby!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I had a great time with my family eating lots of food and spending good quality time just chit chating. I hope you all had a great time as well!

As far as Black Friday goes, I worked from 10PM to 7AM. Needless to say, I was beyond exhausted. Six hours after I got off, I went shopping with my mom to see what was left from the madness. I didn't get much, but overall I'm pretty happy! Here's what I've bought... SO FAR!

Calvin Klein: These sweaters for that Babes. 50% Off!

He's been telling me that he's wanted sweaters and well, these are cute :)

Harry and David: Moose Munch Tin for Babes Family: 50% Off!
I'm planning on doing a movie night gift basket for them so I thought this would be a great addition :) Besides, they're soooo good!

Le Gourmet Chef: Wine Serving Set for Babes Grandparents: 50% Off!

I'm doing a wine gift basket for them (see a theme for his family??) and thought this might be a good addition. Plus, its the least expensive one I've found which helps the budget!

Avon: For Myself - I had to! (Great deals + free shipping!)

*Bought in Tickled Pink

  Christmas List To-Do's:
  • Finish Mister's Parents and Grandparent's baskets
  • Buy my best friends present
  • Buy my brother and dad's present
  • Get giftcard for Mister
 Planning on spending another: $275. Yuck! Will be looking out for Cyber Monday deals!
What did you end up getting this weekend??


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment back on my page. I know you're right. It seems that I get closer and closer to that one, but haha...patience I don't have much of. Sue me. hahaha. It'll work out though.

As for what I got myself, I went and bought me a new pair of Oakley Flak Sunglasses. I had to get rid of the last set of aviators because of whom the were associated with.

Then I bought a DVD player, a box set of Steve McQueen movies, The Godfather Trilogy, the Lethal Weapon Series and that's about it. They don't do too much in Bahrain for Black Fridays, but they had 20% discounts. Not too shabby.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love getting awesome deals! *high five*

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