Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Less Than Lovely + Wedding Questions!

Today has been less than lovely. I woke up this morning feeling super sick from my medicine and ended up losing whatever I ate yesterday... 13 times. The antibiotic makes me so nauseous that I haven't slept much either. My point: not a happy camper. I did just wake up from a two hour nap though so that made the day less blah.

Mister has been having a not so good couple days either. Yesterday during PT he sprained his ankle pretty bad. Being the guy he is, he refuses to go to medical and ran on it this morning during PT. That boy! I've realized something though: while he's been there I've learned that all I want to do is take care of him. I've never felt like that before. What hurts him, hurts me. If he's in pain, I just want to take care of him. He's a big though, I know. Please keep him in your thoughts though and pray for fast healing. He is suppose to start predeployment training and if he misses any of it due to his ankle, he may get put on the list for combat engineer replacements. Not what we want!! Prayers would be wonderful!

As far as wedding planning goes: we haven't done much. It's kind of weird to be planning for a wedding when we're not even technically engaged, but it's happening - we're just waiting until he's home so he can pop the big question! :) We did decide on getting engagement pictures - thank you for responding to my previous post! That's all we've decided on so far. Plenty of time though. I'm definitely going to be showing pictures of things as planning really starts getting into gear - so be on the watch out. I'm completely clueless so I will definitely be asking you all questions as I go. I hope that is okay. Speaking of questions, I already have some!!

First off, when your getting married to someone in the military, I know that he needs to talk to his higher ups about it. Once he does that, what are the steps? Are we going to have to go to pre-marital classes and if so, how does that work since we're states apart?

Secondly (and lastly - for now!), what do you think is best: having a small intimate wedding pre-deployment and a big party (vow renewal) when he gets back home OR a medium sized wedding and call it done! BEFORE I was leading towards the small one and then a big renewal/party when he gets home, but I don't want certain people missing out on our wedding day. You do only get one after all. My biggest thing is that I don't want either of our parents to have a financial burden. I know it won't be a burden to them, but it would feel like one to me and right now, Mister and I don't have much money. None really.

Comment below with your thoughts! :) 


Mrs. Sykes said...

You do have to take pre-marital classes. We never took it because my husband was between units so it got overlooked. BUT if you don't live by the base then only he has to take the class not you! hehe.

As for a small wedding, big wedding, or vow renewal. We had a big wedding while he was on christmas leave. It's a stressful pain in the ass if you ask me. You don't know if he can be there until he shows up the day of lol and it's so much planning! I don't regret it at all. It was beautiful and just what I always wanted but I can see why people do smaller weddings in the military.

I really like the idea of a small intimate ceremony before he deploys and then a big vow renewal/homecoming once he comes home! That gives you plenty of time to plan the bigger celebration and you know he will be getting post deployment leave for sure so it's pretty much a guarantee!

Good luck!

USMCWIFE said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. If you need to know anything military (Marine Related) please feel free to email me at usmcwife8999@gmail.com
I am looking at some of you questions, if I can't answer I can point you to someone who can.
Your hubs does not have to talk to his uppers to get married..period. He can if he wants but that is not something he has to do. We got married on boot camp leave..16 years ago. After you get married of course he does since you need to get on his deers and pay. Premarital classes are always a great idea but not mandatory. We eloped because it saved us tons of money and in this life it is a good idea to save where you can. Too many people in this lifestyle spend too much time planning their weddings and zero time planning their marriage..if you know what I mean..well have to run but if you need any info feel free to email me and I will get back to you asap.!

Steph said...

My husband didn't talk to anyone about us getting married. After we got married I had to get enrolled in deers and whatnot.

We had a pretty small wedding. I agree with the comment above that it is important to save money. At the end of the day, regardless of how much money you spend you will be married and that's the most important thing. I would definitely recommend having a small wedding.

kelsey lauren said...

hey! i'm a new follower, i really like your blog! you should check out mine sometime :)

my boyfriend was also supposed to be in japan... congrats to you guys for making that work! i cried my eyes out when i first found out that was where he was supposed to be going.

as for your wedding plans, congratulations!! if i were planning my own wedding i would go for the medium sized one and call it a day. maybe its the traditionalist in me, but i want to share my day with everyone i love. renewing vows can be done 25 years down the road!

Angie said...

The only reason we had to take pre-marital classes was to get married at the chapel on the base. Other than that, I didn't know they were "required". As far as the wedding, do the medium and be done! Everyone says they'll do a vow renewal or reception later but the military usually finds some way to make that not happen. Then before you know it you've been married 5 years and never really got what you wanted.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How freaking exciting!! We were married before he enlisted so I can't be of much help but I have a giant grin on my face for you!

Stacie said...

When I married we did our vows in a church with our parents and siblings. No wedding dress, tuxes, bridal party, anything. Afterwards, we went and had a quaint dinner with the family and stayed at a bed and breakfast.
A year later we had our big wedding. I wore my dress, the bridal party looked amazing, we went through the entire wedding ceremony, and partied at our reception.
I loved having two anniversaries!
It's your preference! If you can truly keep the initial part of it small, then it works out great. And, you get the benefits of being married through a deployment!

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