Monday, January 31, 2011

The First Ten Dollars

Wedding planning is going full force now. My mom and I went out shopping at thrift stores on Saturday and spent our first ten dollars.

It was exciting!

Somehow it just makes things that-much-more-real. I love it!

Want to know what we bought? WELL, I would show you pictures, but my parents computer decided to take a crap and so my camera won't let me upload my pictures until I download the software again. Therefore, pictures will have to wait. I can still fill you in on what we bought though!

First $10 went towards:
- 2 glass jars with lids ($.97 each - cents!!)
- one bowl ($2.97)
- four vases ($4 + tax - too lazy to get receipt)

Overall, I'm satisfied! With the jars and bowls we are planning on doing something like this:

Candy Bar - idea from The Knot

We have about 7-8 more bowls/jar to go, but its nice to know that something is actually planned.

The four vases will be used to decorate the grooms table with the bridesmaids flowers.

Slowly, but surely, things are falling into place. Mister's grandparents are going to be paying/preparing the meal for our rehearsal dinner and are going to make/decorate our cake {pretty much amazing!}. Mister's mom is going to contact a photographer that she knows {who use to work for a Christian radio station} and thinks will give us a steep discount {yay for that!}. She is also going to talk to her church about prices for getting married there. We're hoping that if we have our small ceremony and our renewal there that they will give us some kind of deal {do churches do that? lol}.

As for colors, my mom and I went to look at flowers and put all of my colors {purple, green, burnt orange, and ivory} together. We LOVED it! I was going to take a picture, but of course my phone had decided that it wanted to have a low battery and refused to take a picture.

Right now the most stressful part is everyone's questions. IF I had answers to their questions it would be one thing, but having to explain why its hard to do all the planning right now {military reasons} is kind of annoying. I feel like I'm just repeating myself over and over again. Oh wells. If they don't understand there is no point explaining it.

There you have it =)


Jessica said...

How exciting!
Love the candy bar idea!

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