Saturday, January 29, 2011


The look of my blog has got to go! "Something Beautiful" is in need of a serious makeover. Going to be working on a new look for the next couple of weeks. Go me!


Once I start posting pictures that I've taken, I'm thinking about possibly doing contests for someone to win a free piece. I'm also interested in giving away free photo shoots to girls that live in Minnesota/Wisconsin through contests.  It might be a little while until both of these happen, but I wanted to get peoples thoughts and opinions first. Eventually I will create my own photo blog where you can view my pictures and purchase pieces, but I figure I should work on this one first before handling two!

Would you all be interested in the picture/photo shoot contests?


Jenifer said...

I am in the process of TRYING To fix my blog too! Good luck to you :)

Alexandra said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!! my sister is really good at graphic design and very reasonably priced. she did mine! she also did you can take a look at those and see if you're interested. i just thought i'd refer you!!

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