Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tax Money!

If you really knew me... you'd know that I am clumsy and that I have a tendency to break things. When I break things it's almost always a big expense on my side. This is why tax time is my favorite {don't make enough to pay in}!

Electronics especially are against me. Seriously, I get a new one and its broken a couple days later. This past week while I was on Skype with Mister, my parents hard drive on their computer crashed/died and the next day Misters computer fried {he blames me because... he can}. So now the fiance is going to have to use his tax money to get a new computer so that we can Skype again. Thank goodness for tax money, right?

As for me, my tax money is going towards a couple of things. I have about $900 to collect until I have the full amount that's due for summer classes. I need a new computer {if you saw mine, you'd understand} so I plan on buying one with tax money as well as Photoshop which I can get with a steep student discount. Since I'm getting the student rebate, I should have enough to do all three! If there is money left, I will be putting that away for trips to see Mister and our wedding. I thought about putting all of the money towards our wedding, but the boy made a very good point. I have the money right now to do the things I need to and I might not have that option later down the road. If I can pay everything in full and continue to live a very simple, money saving life, than I'm going to.

Now that you know what I'm planning on doing, what are your plans with your tax money {that is if you expecting to not be paying in}? Any awesome plans or projects that you're planning on doing?


Katelyn said...

I really want to get a Mac but I have decided to get some other stuff. I'm getting a new lense for my camera, a Nikon sb-700 (external flash), a backdrop set and I'll be taking a photography course so I can go more in depth with it. I've also been thinking about getting photoshop. I'm not sure which one though. Which one do you plan on getting?

Anonymous said...

I think we're going to owe money, so I'm currently checking under all the couch cushions and inside jacket pocket trying to scrounge up funds! =)

Jen said...

I am so excited for tax money this year. We are paying off our credit card and throwing the rest in savings.

Jenifer said...

I plan on HOPEFULLY taking my girls somewhere FUN! Like Disneyland or something. They deserve a little "treat" from our taxes too :) Oh and we are FINALLY making the leap and getting an LCD Tv for my hubby!

FallonElla said...

It must be a woman thing, or in the air, b/c my last post was about my clumsy bone too! lol Glad you're able to at least use your tax $ toward what you need/want :)

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