Friday, February 11, 2011


Have you been hearing that noise lately? *cough* *cough*

Well that's been me. I've been sick for the past week and am now just starting to feel better {thank goodness}. Being sick has set me back a lot in school. I only missed one day, but as far as reading goes... well, it didn't. I figure I can catch up on the plane ride to Cali {yay me!}.

I have done a lot more wedding planning however {funny how you can be too sick to study, but not too sick to look up things for your wedding day}. We think we found the church for our small first wedding. It's a cute little white one. Check it out:

Golden Valley Historical Church
 Sweet right? Want to know what's even sweeter.. it's only $350 and we get to have whoever we want to marry us {Mister already knows someone that he's close with}. As far as the inside of the church goes, it doesnt look like it's anything special, but with simple but elegant decorations, I think we can really make it our own. Besides, it's not about what the place looks like, it's the fact that we're getting married that counts! I'm still looking for places for our renewal with all of our friends and family, but no such luck yet. Things are so gosh darn expensive these days. My search will just have to continue!

I had originally planned on going to a nearby wedding dress store with my mom to try on a pretty expensive dress, but than I came to the conclusion that spending $1500 was too much for this little chicka to be spending. So I did a little bit more looking and came across a stunning dress by Allure that's around $750. That's $800 dollars that I'll be saving myself! My mom and I fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. I'm going to try it on tomorrow {hopefully}!

Speaking of tomorrow, my mom and I are planning on doing some more wedding shopping. My mom had stopped by a craft store and found some nice material that we could use for favor bags. I'm probably crazy for making them, but I'm going to recruit some help so hopefully it won't be too bad. It's saving me money, which is important. I already told Mister that he's very lucky he's not here... otherwise he'd be making bags until his hands went numb =) He laughed.

It's officially past my bedtime and I'm in much need of sleep. I have a full day tomorrow and I need to get my beauty rest. Sweet dreams bloggy land.


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