Friday, February 25, 2011


Everyone thinks so...

I started getting a little dizzy a couple days ago {and still am} and had to pee a lot. Only thing is though, my ears have been hurting {was sick} and therefore I'm pretty sure I was drinking more water than normal. I think that's two excuses to the two reasons. Thank God.

Don't get me wrong, I want to be pregnant one day. Just not now.

1. We're not married. In my family, that's a big no - no.
2. We are so financially unprepared its sick.
3. I know that if I was pregnant, it would push Mister towards doing something that I know he doesn't want to do... reup.

Biggest reason of all: I did some math {because I'm weird like that} and if I were pregnant then that would mean Mister would be deployed before the baby would be born. Now I know that happens all the time in the military, but that would break my mans heart. And mine. I'm sure we have nothing to worry about though. Although we didn't use protection... and my birth control did get messed up... oh crap.. lol.


Carmen said...

Try not to worry about it. You won't really know you are pregnant until about 3-4 weeks after conception. Try not to stress but if you are late I would take a pregnancy test. Talk to him about it and see what he thinks :)

Ashley N. said...

I pray for you dear. I know the feeling you are having...same situation right here lol

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