Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tattoo Number Dos!

I've had the itch to get a tattoo ever since I got my first one almost three years ago. When it comes to tattoos, I think the best ones are those that have meaning which is the only kind that I would ever get. If I didn't, I would probably regret them later down the road.

When I arrive to Cali, Mister and I are looking into getting matching tattoos. We wanted something that meant a lot to us and had meaning behind it. We came up with this:

Symbol for love in Japanese

Mister and I met while he was stationed in Japan. It's where he was while we first fell in love.
I think it's the perfect next tattoo!


Cheilsea said...

I love tattoos as well. My husband has quite a few. When he gets home from this deployment, he's getting my name tattooed on his heart :) I'm going to get his name as well..but not on my chest haha.

Jen said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! I've always wanted to get a Japanese symbol on me (preferably the love one) but if it has a deep meaning for you then even more reason to get it done!

Katelyn said...

I like it! Where are on your body are you planning on getting it?

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