Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Weekend in California

This past weekend I flew to California to spend time with my love. It was amazing! One of my favorite places we visited was San Clemente. The beach is gorgeous! Instead of me blabbing about my weekend and all that I saw, I figured I'd just show you...

We went to the beach in San Clemente..

While at the beach we were surrounded by...

We went to the San Diego Safari...

Can't forget these guys..

We also ended up visiting Misters grandpa in Escondido and made a trip to see his grandma who lives in a nursing home. Both were lovely people! His grandma even gave me a Marine teddy bear :)

While in California, I also got to see Mister's base and his barracks. It's all very different than what I expected! I loved everything so much though, that we are now talking about me moving out there for a few months before he deploys. I will have to get my schooling in order and make sure I can take online classes, but if everything goes smoothly, it looks like we'll be getting married in a couple months and I'll be on my way to Cali!


Jenifer said...

you lucky girl. I miss San Clemente. We lived on Pendleton for almost 9 years and I loved it! It is so beautiful down there.

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