Friday, March 18, 2011

I Love the Word "Free"

The past couple of days I've been looking at wedding pictures and somehow I came across free templates - who knew such wonderful things existed! So now that I've literally looked at every free template and DIY idea on Martha Stewart (as well as every other wedding site out there), I've come up with my favorites. Thought I would share them with you so that A. you could see the wedding progress and B. you could get ideas incase your planning a wedding as well (I know there are a few of you out there)!

Save The Dates:
We're printing ours from VistaPrint! It's a printing site that allows you to do pretty much everything so we're going to make our save the dates on there. If those turn out great, then we're going to look into doing invites as well! We figure the save the dates will be free based on a postcard deal they have going on. As the title says, I love "free".

How are these for cute!

Since our relationship has been based primarily (basically ALL) on distance, I thought these would be perfect. They aren't 100%  for sure, depending on how the VistaPrint thing goes, but they're definitely in the running!

Center Pieces:
We're trying to save as much money as possibly by limiting the amount of flowers. I came across this DIY idea and think it might just do!

The idea is to have one of these at each round table (we'll need about 20-22) and then have a wine bottle with the table number as the wine label. Another thing that is great about this centerpiece is that any flower can replace the rose on top!

Dinner Menu (if we make one)
I'm not sure if these are a complete waste of time or not, but when I saw this template I made sure to save it in my favorites just in case. 

I have lots more ideas, but fingers are hurting from typing so much. What do you all think?


My kids' Mom said...

Hello, I hope you are feeling better. In regards to your post on March 8....and if your health is in danger, I know your future husband is covered by the military healthcare, Tricare Prime. You will be too when you marry him. If you need it now urgently, my best advice would be that you and your fiance hurry up and get married in the courthouse, before the real big church wedding, and then you can take care of your health FOR FREE so you can be a healthy, happy, and painfree bride on your real big day. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you. Many kind regards from Sweden.

Kimberly In Seattle said...

The boarding pass wedding invitations are absolutely adorable!!!!

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