Monday, April 11, 2011

Question That Popped Into My Mind

There is a book called So Long Insecurities by Beth Moore that I absolutely loved reading. It put a lot of things into perspective and I would reccommend it to any woman! In the book she had mentioned a story of her friend who found out some information about her boyfriend. The girl broke up with him, but then continued to snoop through his stuff where she continued to learn more and more. Beth Moore goes on to say that God is keeping you from things he knows would break your heart. The girl didn't need to know everything that she found out. If she would have just broken up with him and didn't snoop, she would have saved her heart a lot of heartache.

So my question is, when one decides to snoop through someones emial/facebook/etc, is this a way of basically asking for it? I mean, the saying goes something like if you snoop, you'll find something, but honestly how accurate is that? Shouldn't it be that if someone snooped that they shouldnt have to find anything because there is nothing bad there? I could have Mister look through all of my stuff, but there is nothing that he would come across that would upset him. That's not because I'm a sneaky person and went deleting everything - it's because I don't have anything to hide!

What are your thoughts?


Radiant Readhead said...

this is the HOPE, however, i was in a relationship for 3 years. My BF at the time happened to leave his email open, and the first email that was in the inbox was entitled "our son's 2nd birthday". Of course i opened it....well, found out he had a girlfriend in a nother state....she was black and they had a child together. I was the "cover girl" For all those years!! his family would not approve of a different race partner. When i snooped further i found out he was also dating another girl in the neighboring town. I was blindsided and heartbroken! Needless to say, that relationship ended!! lol. i didnt even mean to snoop, but when i did, i found out some awful things...unfortunately some people are just liars. If Foster were to snoop on me, he would find NOTHING of interest...i always vowed to be up front and honest with all of my future parteners from that moment on!!!

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