Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Undoing the Not So Healthy Habits

I have a sweet tooth. It has brought much happiness to my taste buds, but much anger to the butt region of my body. Apparently, it has also brought my digestive system a lot of discomfort as well. Did you know that if your digestive system is out of wack, it messes up your ovaries which messes up your bladder. Consider that to be your new fact of the day if you didnt!

Before I knew of this new fact of ours, I went to the doctor for the horrible pain I was having in both ovaries. The last doctor I visited finally asked me some questions that actually made me bright red in the face:

What did you have for dinner last night: Ummm well, I ended up munching on some chips and what not. I just wasn't in the mood to sit down and have a nice dinner. I usually always eat really healthy though! {The things you tell a doctor...}.

What did you have this morning for breakfast: {Thoughts of uh oh popped into my head...} I had a protein bar. {lie! I had a nutty bar - close enough, eh?}.

What did you have for lunch today? {face starting to turn red... think of something healthy to say and quick!} Umm, one of those frozen weight watcher meals. {lie! Was that seriously my best excuse?! Truth is, I hadn't ate yet - I planned on doing so after my visit}.

Long story short, apparently my digestive system was starting to not work properly due to my diet {lack there of} and so she gave me rules to follow by {some that I have been slacking on} and said that once my nutrition gets back in order, everything will correct itself. If it didnt in three weeks, I had to go back so they could look at my organs. Lucky for me, no more pain!

Since this wake up call of mine, I've been eating really good lately. I'm making this my new lifestyle. I actually have always wanted to eat healthy, but its so easy to fall back on junk food when its such an convienence to my busy day. I've learned that planning things out is a much healthier way to go. Making meals ahead when I actually have the time and eating them when I'm short on it. Overall, I just feel happier about myself!

So thank you all for your concerns and thoughts! I'm all better :)


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