Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Vacation in a Room

Is it weird that when I {hopefully} visit Mister in May that all I want to do is stay locked up in a room and only go outside to have a nice dinner or to go for a walk? The beach would be wonderful as well now that I think of it. I just want a weekend where him and I can just enjoy each others company. No schedule, no visiting people, no list of "things-to-do". I just want a weekend to ourselves to be a normal engaged couple.

I think back on the times we've been with one another and everything is SO rushed. When he comes home for leave we're pulled in every direction possible. I never complain about it. I want to see him, just like every one else does. In fact, I get more time with him on Skype and what not than most people, so there is no reason to complain.

I just need time with him. I need a relaxing weekend together. I need us to have no plans and just do whatever we feel like. I need him.


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