Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Battle Wounds & Making Progress

The past couple of days have been quite dangerous for me! I worked pretty much open to close on Monday and Tuesday and I have battle wounds to prove it {really, I do!}.

On Monday, while I was arranging some hangers at work, I proceeded to head butt the counter leaving a bruise right below my eye brow. Then while in the backroom at work, I somehow managed to headbutt a hard container that left a bruise, bump, and cut above my right eye brow. Both hurt! Again, battle wounds!

Although it wasn't very fun working almost open to close both days, it was nice to see the hours that I racked up. I'm leaving to visit my brother in Oklahoma today so my work was trying to give me the most hours possible before we left {thanks!}.

My little vacation to see my brother isn't all play. I booked a job through my uncles work and tomorrow morning I will be taking pictures at a museum that they designed {graphic design company}. I'm kind of nervous, but I made sure to print a lot of material on tips to shooting in low lighting so I'll be reading that during the eight hour drive {I know you are jealous of that...oh and I'm not the only one going so don't worry - I won't read and drive!}.

I also have another photo shoot of my friend who I'll be taking pictures of while she is on her horse. I am so excited for these! The ideas for the shoot are just flowing through my brain. You will have to check them out at my photo blog once I get back!

Well, I have a lot I need to get done in the next few hours. I hope you all have a fabulous week and hopefully I will be able to write a couple times while I'm gone! Much love!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Have fun!!

Jen said...

Wow sounds like you are keeping busy! Oh no, sorry you have so many battle wounds!

Kadbury said...

Hi, found you after reading your comment on the vintage pearl. As a brand new blogger, I'm always excited when I find someone else blogging here in MN...
I love your about me section; what a cool way to meet the love of your life!
Thanks for letting me stop by.


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