Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Big Moving Mistake + Ball!

When I had the chance to move to California, I should have taken it. This past fourth of july weekend, I spent an amazing 5 days with my fiance. We talked about ways to keep me out there, but with things this soon to his deployment, it's just not possible. Two words: this sucks. The day I left, I cried up until five minutes of boarding my plane back home. It's the hardest I've ever taken leaving Mister. Normally I'm able to bounce back pretty easily, but this time, I feel like a part of me is still in California. I have no motivation for anything right now. It worries me how things are going to be when he's deployed. I won't give up - never would be an option for me, but gosh it's going to be hard.

One nice thing I learned about while in California is that they cut two months off of his deployment. How great is that! I'm sure it will change another million times, but 9 months instead 7 months would be awesome. I will take it. I also learned that I am going to the Marine Corps Ball!!! I'm going to post my dress that I'll be wearing so you can all see it. I need to know if you all like it or if I should get  a new one. It's my prom dress that I wore a long time ago and luckily it still fits. :)

Well I'm off to spend some time with my friend. I need girl time right now. Much love!


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