Friday, August 12, 2011

Found My Wedding Dress!

What a relief! There's only a little more than two months until we're married and I just now finally found my wedding dress. Boy has it made me that much more excited. It's really starting to sink in that I'M GETTING MARRIED! I can't wait to be his wife!

Wedding planning has been in full force lately. We started some DIY projects and cut others out. We wanted to make some cute lanterns for the tables, but they turned out to be extremely flimsy and quite ugly. Not exactly the look we're going for.

It's been hard planning though since Mister is currently away for training. We haven't spoken one another at all for the past couple days. As crazy as this might sound to a lot of you military significant others, it's actually the longest that we've gone without speaking. I'm doing fine. I find the hardest part about it is not being able to tell him about my day. I never realized how important that is to me.

It's crazy how little things can mean the world. I'm just blessed that we have been able to experience the things we have to get us to the point we are now. I honestly can say that things haven't been better. We're both just at a really great spot and have truly learned to communicate and appreciate one another. It's wonderful. Things are wonderful!


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