Saturday, December 3, 2011

Married & All the Rest!

It took having a girl contact me through my blog to realize that I haven't wrote in forever. I've been meaning to, but we all know how that goes. Right now seems like the perfect timing though to start back up under the circumstances.

About a month ago, the boy and I got married! Everything went perfectly. I honestly could have not asked for anything more (well except for my brother to be there). It was a very short ceremony and then the reception was at my house. Only family was invited, but since my brother lives out of state and just got a new job, he wasn't able to fly back home in time. Good thing we're having a vow renewal next year that he can be at!

I did end up going to the Marine Corps Ball about a week before we were married. It was fun dressing up. I felt honored to be there meeting all of Misters higher-ups and getting to know some of the other Marine girls before all the guys would be deploying a few weeks later.

Those few weeks later have passed and yes my husband is currently deployed. It's our fourth deployment, but this one is definitely the longest and lack of communication has made it more difficult. Where he is at, there is no internet and mail comes about once a month. All we have are letters, which I find to be actually really amazing, because with letters, I think you can really grow close to someone and that's what we are planning with this deployment - to grow closer to each other and make something good out of it. I almost feel like I'm back in WW1 with the yellow bow tied around the tree in my front yard and writing love letters every day to him. My goal: give him the most mail out of anyone. I will succeed!


Allie said...

Wow what an update! Congratulations and best of luck!

Krista said...

woohoo congrats. i think we need updates with pics

Jen said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! :) So happy for you!

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