Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Losing It

I completely lost it today. Lost it mentally and lost it emotionally on my husband. Financially things have been really difficult since my husband got out of the military. We barely paid our bills last month and this month we are very behind. I am praying with every fiber in my body that we will somehow make it. I knew in my gut things were bad. I kept trying to figure out where our money was going and why we were at the place we were. Truth is, there were bills that were automatically being taken out that we forgot about when budgeting and then it's been slow at work for Mister so his paychecks have been cut in half.

We need $1000.00 in two weeks. 

I put some things up on Craigslist tonight and will continue to go through things to see what we can get rid of. I also thought of donating plasma and will have to figure out the best way to do that since all the locations are about an hour away. 

I just cannot believe we are at this point. I never thought we'd be here. 


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