101 Goals In 1001 Days

I realized that I never did a post about my goals for 2010. I did do a bucket list for Mister and me, but I feel that it’s really important for me to have goals of my own. Most of my goals I have though, will take a while and therefore when I came across the idea of 101 Goals in 1001 Days, I thought it was an awesome idea.

Items Completed: Are in bold writing
In Progress: Look Like This
Start Date: June 21, 2010


-Change someone's life

-Become secure with myself

-Read 10 books (1/10)
    1. So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore (Completed 8/13/2010)

-Get a library card again so I don’t have to buy books

-Figure out what I want to do in life

-Become more organized

-Finish up my generals

-Become a temporary placement “2-6 weeks” foster parent

-Buy a home (that’s a little scary to me)

-Have a dog – preferably something small

-Wash my car once a week (0/143)

-Have at least a 3 thousand dollars saved up in my savings account, if not more!
-Take a salsa dancing class

-Get a promotion… or two :) … I’ll take as many as I can get! (1/0) (Completed 7/22/2010)

-Read my devotional every day

-Follow up on weekly blog commitments (0/286)

-Write more letters instead of emails

-Have at least three scrapbooks completed (0/3)

-Refurnish something – I really want to refurnish a chair with fabric somehow.

-Post this on my blog so I feel accountable (1/1) - (Completed: 6/21/2010)

-Go to bed earlier and get myself to have a sleep schedule.

-Start looking for better deals instead of splurging on one item

-Become engaged for the LAST time. Stupid ex. (this one is more so up to Kyle haha) (0/1)

-Get married

-Plan our wedding together and not become crazy while doing so.

-Take more pictures

-Learn how to play guitar (AGAIN) and stick with it.

-Stop being self-conscious about my body.

-Say thank you more often and fully live each day to its potential

-Get at least one pedicure and conquer my fear of people touching my feet (Completed: 8/14/2010)

-Post all of my assignments for school in my planner

-Learn how to drive a crotch rocket

-Turn my make-believe trip for my Geography class into a reality

-Learn how to drive a manual car

-Become a better swimmer

-Meet up with some USMCgal’s (2/1)
     -T & V (Completed June 2010)
     -L (Completed July 2010)

-Learn how to change my oil in my car

-…along with a tire.

-Write more music

-Bring my GPA up to at least a 3.5

-Have a semester where I get straight A's.

-Finish updating my room


-Tone up and get to 120 pounds

-run a marathon

-Find an amazing self-tanner lotion/gel that doesn’t make my oh so pale skin look orange.

-Get rid of stupid back fat

-Complete the 100 Hundred Pushup Challenge

-Complete P90X

-Don't tan in a tanning bed

-Cook Mister his favorite meal

-Be able to keep up with Mister while running when he comes home

-Bring my own lunches/dinners to work instead of getting fast food.

-Strengthen my neck and back muscles so I no longer have constant pain in them.

-Take a pole dancing workout class


-Get a passport and visit some place out of the country

-Visit Kyle’s base in US at least twice before he deploys to Afghanistan. (0/2)

-Take a road trip with just the girls

-Go camping

-Visit somewhere with an ocean that is so clear, you can see the very bottom – even if it’s 5 ft deep.

-Go to the east and west coast at least once: EAST (0/1) WEST (0/1)

-Take a weekend off and spontaneously fly to surprise the Marine

-Start rollerblading/biking on trails I’ve never been on before (1/?)

-Walk along the ocean with wine


-Have at least two picnics in a nearby park (1/2)

-Make a recipe book

-Visit a winery

-Experience at least twenty unique food I’ve never had before (0/20)

-Take a cooking class


-Go to a concert

-Surprise Mister by bringing him to a hockey game

-Go to the Twins game at their new stadium at least three times (0/3)

-Visit a festival

-Go to the State Fair every year (0/3)

-Go to a Marine Corps Ball

-See a play

-Go white water rafting

-Have a girls night at least once a month (0/83)

-Visit an art gallery

-Go to at least two fashion shows (0/2)

-Throw a surprise party (0/1)

To Help Others:

-Donate more money to foundations I love (0/?)

-Figure out a way to do freebies on blog (0/1)

-Figure out a way to make money off my blog - donate that money to something military related (0/1)

-Visit a hospital for wounded vets

I have created 85/101 goals. More to come!!

COMPLETION DATE: March 18, 2013  (+/- a few days).

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