The following are some weekly features I have on my blog:

Monday: Q&A
Pretty simple: this post includes questions and answers about things in my life! If you ever have a question, simply ask and I'll feature you in my post as well as my answer!

Thursday: Wishful Buys
This is the day I set aside to post about this I wish I had. Whether its things for home, clothing or even electronics, you'll find them all then.
Sunday: Something Beautiful
This weekly feature is a post in which I reflect the past week and write about something that was beautfiul. It could be from a way I felt, to something that's happened. The topic is really endless and is done to help me find beauty in life even when things seem to not always be going as planned.
**Note: "It's Something Beautiful" is not limited to the above. Posts may be done more than once a day. Check back for more features COMING SOON!!
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