Day One: Brazil Butt Lift:
I could barely do a lot of the moves. I wasn’t able to keep up with everyone else in the video and I have realized that my balance completely sucks. My legs hurt, my knees are a little sore and I forgot to squeeze my boom-boom (what the video calls the “butt”) during most of the exercise moves. I must remember to do better at this. I took all of my measurements. They made me laugh and somewhat embarrassed, but I’m excited to see the numbers change. I am sort of confused, because I thought this was a 90 day process, but it seems like it’s only a 30 day one. I don’t want it to be 30 days – so I will be doing a round 2. Did I mention as I’m writing this my thighs are numb… seriously… they hurt. Day one complete and am excited to see what day two has to offer!

Day Two: Brazil Butt Lift:
The first workout CD that I did today was mainly dancing. It was a lot of fun. I was to be able to have fun and workout at the same time; that doesn’t always happen. I couldn’t keep up with all of the moves and I got lost a couple times, but for the most part I did much better today than yesterday. Granted, it’s a different CD, but I’m sure the more than I do them, the better I’ll become and the easier the moves will be. I just need to keep focused. The second CD I did is called Tone and Lift. This one hurt my neck, but definitely burned the butt and thighs in a good way. I hope that my neck will cooperate with me in the next few weeks so that I don’t have to give this CD up. I have to listen to my body though, so we’ll see. Overall it was a good day of butt lifting. I can feel a change, but know that seeing one will take longer; must stay motivated! I’m glad that I have been sore, because at least I know it’s working!

Brazil Butt Lift: Day 3

Rest day - neck pain.

Second Attempt:

Day 3
I know that hurting my neck set me back quite a bit... now that I look back at this I realize its been almost a month :( I'm happy to say that I'm getting back in the swing of things though! It's been my third day of working out and I feel better than ever. I have noticed that I'm getting much better with the moves. I still stumble at times and will forget what the next move is that follows, but I'm getting better. The moves are still hard for me and towards the end of the videos I find myself struggling to keep going. All I want is a little break. I've been trying to push through it though!

I am MUCH more careful with my neck this time around and will stop during the workout if I feel like its starting to tighten up. I also don't do moves that I feel are pulling it. I do shrugs with a band every night to help strengthen my back my shoulders/neck and I also do neck strengthening moves that I learned in physical therapy at least once a day (I should really be doing these three times a day :/ ). 

Overall, I'm happy to be working out again! I get so excited to wake up sore. It simply means that its working. :)
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